Development Diary N1

Jun 29, 2019

OPC UA Stack's roadmap, OPC UA Web Server

Hi everyone,

we haven’t been writing anything new for two months and have decided to let you know about our development progress and plans without waiting for some new release or event.

OPC UA Stack’s Project Roadmap

Currently, we are focused on developing the 4th version of the stack and all the new features will be added there. It means release 3.8.0 is the last minor release. The reason is a huge difference between the two branches. Version 4 uses code generation for OPC UA standard types that saves much time but makes hard to maintain the two branches. Of course, we keep on fixing bugs and supporting our users, who use the 3rd version.

Information about the future releases 4.0.0 and 4.1.0 you can find here.

OPC UA Web Server

OPC UA is a powerful technology but isn’t so good at the Internet. SOAP specification is deprecated, and HTTP\HTTPS isn’t used as an OPC UA transport layer widely. Nowadays, we don’t know any Javasctipt library that allows you to communicate with an OPC UA server from a web browser. We’re trying to fix it!

For this purpose, we started a new open source project based on the ASNeG’s stack. The work isn’t done, and we’re in the development stage and have no documentation yet. However, you can find some information about it here.

Continuous Integration with Jenkins

We had a problem with CI in Travis and Appveyor because of the stack’s huge code base. They just broke the compilation by timeout. So we moved on our own Jenkins server where the builds and tests worked much better and more stable.

Thanks Blue Ocean Plugin it was easy, and we saved checks on GitHub.