OPC UA Web Server

ASNeG OPC UA Web Server is a web application which provides access to OPC UA data via the Internet.

ASNeG OPC UA Web Server is an open source OP UA-Web application based on ASNeG’s OPC UA Stack. It provides a simple way to connect modern Web applications with the OPC UA technology. Any process data can be displayed in realtime in Web applications using the ASNeG OPC UA Web Server.


In general, the Web Server is an OPC UA client which has JSON API to translate OPC UA data via WebSocket protocol. It provides data through two WebSocket endpoints:

  • Web Sokcet Servers provides data via simplified JSON API and needs that all the OPC UA variables are described in XML configuration
  • Web Socket Gateway provides data via OPC UA JSON mapping. In other words, you must form requests and parse response according to OPC UA Specification. This mode is the best for people who are familiar to OPC UA technology and it needs no additional XML configuration.

OPC UA Web Server Structure

In addition, the Web Server provides Web Panel for visualization of the process data. Web Panel uses a JavaScript library of visual components which can be bound with OPC UA variables. You can use it as a very simple SCADA system configured by XML files.

Demo Server

To see, how the Web Server works online, you can use our demo server.

Development Status

ASNeG OPC UA Web Server is in the development stage. It means we need to add some features (like SSL for HTTP and WebSocket), make tests and write some minimum of the documentation. See issues for more information.

You can download older releases here