ASNeG - Automation Service of Next Generation

ASNeG is an open source organization whose goal is to make the development of based on OPC UA technology applications easier.

About Us

ASNeG aims to provide an open source platform which helps people to integrate their devices and services into the unified infrastructure based on OPC UA technology. For this goal, we are developing many things such as a C++ client\server SDK, an application server, an OPC UA client, a GUI designer and so on. All this software is open source and free.


OPC UA Stack | ASNeG OPC UA Stack is an open source framework for development and distribution of OPC UA client\server applications.
OPC UA Web Server | ASNeG OPC UA Web Server is a web application which provides access to OPC UA data via the Internet.
ASNeG-Demo | ASNeG-Demo is a demo OPC UA application showing how developers can use OPC UA Stack